Looks: Everything in black – 2017 June

For this look I’ve decided to don’t use a jacket, nor coat nor jersey because it is a sunny day and I think that it is not needed.

Shirt is sold in long sleeve section, but even I’ve used cold water, sleeves have been shrink and now have the length that you can see. I’ve bought it in Spiral some years ago and, even you can find it with some different prints, I prefered it without any one to combine it with more clothes.


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Review: Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey lenses

Today I will talk about a colored lenses which I love, Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey, which I’ve bought in Uniqso.

Since a lot of time ago I have used contact lenses because I have myopia in both eyes.

Although I’m not upset with my eyes’ color, which are dark brown with some light grey spots, I always like colored contact lenses. What fascinating is to transform yourself in other person only changing your eyes’ color!

During these last couple of years I have “collected” some webs which sell contact lenses and some time ago I decided to buy some colored lenses. (more…)