Products which I use: red lipsticks

Always I like to have painted my lips, but I think that usually the black colour doesn’t look so good, because it rounds the face, but even it transform it in a pale face.

On the other hand, I love red colour, it does that your teeth will have an intense white colour and I think that it is good for almost every people, for all type of faces and hair colour. My hair is blonde and that colour was good for me before I dyed it to black colour… and yes, red colour was great too. Currently my hair is turquoise and I thought that maybe that colour will not adjust with red, but after test it I think that red colour is always the best option.

In my life I have used a lot of red lipstick, but I was changed my opinion of the brands during this time and currently I choose only that have a long durability and the most red tone. Certainly I have some lipsticks which are a bit more purple, rose or orange, but I try to buy only red pure colour lipsticks.

Red lips

Red lips

Currently I use some lipsticks, the most used is one of MAC type dual (red permanent by one side, transparent gloss by the other one) and I love it. It was chosen as the best one of its type on 2013.

I like a lot its tone and durability. Barely it is moved when you eat and you can paint yourself in the morning and return at night with almost the same colour. Almost. That is the problem because the internal part of lips will be “removed” in small flakes. If you don’t bite them with your tooth (as I do) maybe it can resist a bit more, but in the case, you will have a problem. And you should think that you can’t retouch over it, because it will be so “heavy” and it will crack. You should never forget to hydrate it sometimes with the gloss which it incorpores, because it will resist more time. About its price, I think that it was near to 25 € (34 $).
I can’t say exactly its name because after to carry it inside my handbag, some letters have been dissapeared, but if I don’t have a mistake it should be something like “
PRO Longwear lip colour” and the tone is “Lasting Lust”.

PRO Longwear Lip Colour MAC, Lasting Lust tone

PRO Longwear Lip Colour MAC, Lasting Lust tone

For the second position I can’t say a lot of things because currently it does not be made. It is a lipstick of the ARTDECO brand which I have bought during a lot of years until a day which I discovered that it didn’t exist anymore. Now I am trying to finish off the last lip brush.

It was a durable lipstick which I used to mend the imperfections of the previous one (as well as to use it directly).

The tone which I used was “08” and I don’t put pictures of it because it is in its last moments…

As I said before in my post about the lasts shoppings of cosmetics and make up of Autumn 2013, recently I have discoveres a shop with the name “Lush” where, between other things, I have bought a red lip tint (I think that the tone was “Ambition”).
The colour is pretty, but maybe a bit light for my taste. It is enough with a thin layer over the lips and, very important, remember to leave it completely. If you don’t do it, it will be vanished and it will be a disaster. It is sold as a tint, but it doesn’t work as it. And it does not resist as time as I want but without the previous one, I use it to retouch MAC lipstick (only with a few quantity of it, because the tone is not exactly the same) and when I will go out only for a moment and it is not important to forgive it in some hours.

Lush lips tint, Ambition tone

Lush lips tint, Ambition tone

Other slipstick which I use for the same is one of Miss Cop. This one has bought in an Internet shop (but I don’t remember where…).

The aspect which I like of this one is its sweet odour. The bad things are that it is a bit fuchsia and it does not a long life when it is applied, but it is enough for a day which you need your lips hydrated.

I’m sorry that it is a bit ugly in the picture, but usually I applied it with a brush and it is taking strange shapes…

It is the 11 tone and the name is not visible, but it is too similar to the 12 tone of Miss Cop Lipstick (Cream) which is currently in the shops.

Miss Cop 11 lipstick

Miss Cop 11 lipstick

Recently I have bought two lipsticks of the Kiko brand, which I have to say that I am buying some things from it because it has good prizes and a big quantity of tones and products.

I knew one of them because I had it in another tone and the truth is that I like it so much. As the MAC one, it is a dual lipstick, but with an important difference: it is lighter than the other and it is easy to apply it. You can retouch over other or even use it alone because it has a long duration (they promise 10 hours but I shouldn’t say it). The only problem which I see (maybe other people don’t say it) is that if you eat some oily food, it will dissapear in some time, but remember that you can retouch it again.
It is the “Double Touch” of Kiko, 111 tone.

The other one which I have bought was a better substitute for ARTDECO (the rest are good but I don’t trust them)

In the shop they promised me that it will have a big durability and that is very important for me.

The tone could be better, because they have two reds, one near to orange and the other near to cherry which was that I bought.
It has a good durability, but when you eat a part of the colour will be lost. My prefer part of this one is the lock because sometimes the lipsticks can be opened inside the handbag. But this lipstick has a lock in two parts and it is not possible to open it for an accident.

It is “Velvet Mat Lipstick”, tone 607.

Double touch 111 and Velvet mat 607 of Kiko

Double touch 111 and Velvet mat 607 of Kiko

Also I say that I always outline my lips before to make up them.

Before I used a lip liner of Sephora (red colour), but now it is smaller and it mantains the same price, which transform it in an expensive product. It is the Sephora Lip Liner, tone 20 Real Red.

Sephora Lip Liner 20 Real Red

Sephora Lip Liner 20 Real Red

Now I am using another one which is cheaper but with the same features, and the tone is similar to the other one. It is 24 ORE of Deborah, tone 10.

Deborah 24 ORE tone 10

Deborah 24 ORE tone 10

Recently it was the sales time in Spain I went to a H&M. There I bought, between some make up products, a Dual Lipgloss of red colour. It is a dual shine, one part is shine colour, and the other part is the same but with something like glitter. It is a bit sticky and it is vanished easily. The final colour is not a pure red, it is a like a dark pink, but I like to use it daily, when I don’t want to stand (for example when I go shopping) or when I need to finish fast and I don’t want to spend time outlining and filling with a brush.

Dual Lipgloss H&M red/red glitter

Dual Lipgloss H&M red/red glitter

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Last shoppings: Cosmetics and Make up (2013 Autumn)

As I said in my last post about shoppings, I have some cosmetics and make up products.

I bought some nail polish in Kiko shop. Both of them are blue (one usual, one magnetic) and another of brown colour to use it when I will want to dress me with a Steampunk style.

Normal nail polish (blue and brown)

Magnetic nail polish (blue)

Kiko's nail polish

Kiko nail’s polish

Also I have bought in Kiko one dark blue eye shadow which I use with another one with I bought in “Essence” (light shiny blue), where I have bought also a dual eye shadow, light lilac and silver lilac.

Kiko eye shadow (dark blue)

Essend eye shadow (light blue)

Dual eye shadow (light lilac and silver lilac)

Kiko and Essence eye shadows

Kiko and Essence eye shadows

During those days I found a new shop for me: “Lush”.

It seems that they have shops along the world and the thing which I like most was that everything is maken by hand and nothing is tested in animals.

They sell fragances, make up and cosmetics, but their main products are the bath bombs, soaps, gels and shampoos.

I bought two lip tints, one red and one dark purple, near to black. I couldn’t resist and I have bought with a edible lip exfoliant with flavour and smell of bubblegum.

Lush lip dyes and exfoliant and edible lip

Lush lip tints and exfoliant and edible lip

Finally I have gone to “Müller” shop where I found the eyeshadows of  “Essence” which I have said before, and I found a marvellous blush which has a rose odour of  “Terra Naturi” of  “Naturkosmetik” (01 tone, pink kiss).

Also, I have bought a little purchase of translucent powder of the my favourite brand for these kind of products: “Maderas Myrurgia”.

It is a Spanish brand which seems to be there during all life, but for some reasons, it seems to be in decline and it is near to impossible to find its products (previously I bought them in Corte Inglés, but there are a lot of time ago since the last time which they had it).

This translucent cream powder transform your skin in velvet skin with a nice smell. I use it over my make up (to seal it) or directly over the skin, to remove shines on the skin.

Here I put two Spanish shops where you can find items of this brand but maybe you can find them in Ebay:

Maderas Myrurgia powders and Terra Naturi Naturkosmetik rouge

Maderas Myrurgia powders and Terra Naturi Naturkosmetik blush