About my person

Welcome, nomad souls!

As a good host I introduce me, you can call me Regina. I’m a normal girl, but sometimes I appear a little bit strange.

Mi job is the Magic, which have been practicing since I was three (it comes from my family…).

I’m a gothic girl and I wear and I think as that, also I listen music of this style.

I like so much to read (specially fantasy literature, Sify and horror, but also I read sometimes historical novels and adventure books) and I can to pass long hours of my day dedicating to it.

I follow a lot of series of different types and, when I have enough time, I go to the cinema.
Handicrafts entertain me a lot and you can find some of them in my Etsy shop.

I like to play games in computer/console, specially role playing games (I love Dragon Age saga) and terror ( my pet game will be always Silent Hill).

I am passionate about animals, specially the birds and, inside this group, ravens and crows and nocturnal raptors. If I am not to the Magic, I would study ornithology.

Further, things which I like are: my job, trips, walk, sleep, watch the rain, cold meat (xD), theatre, honesty, learned people, intelligence (in animals and people), red fruits, sweet odor…
I hope that you wander in this place as you are at your home. I will try to write on it each time that I can.

Greetings since here, my cardboard world!