Looks: Striped hoodie – 2017 June

For this look I’ve used a brace long dress “inherited” (it was from my sister and when she decided to not use anymore I got it) and over it I’ve put some garments. Now we are in Spring-Summer season in shops, probably you can find similar dresses.

Over this one I’ve put a striped hoodie of Heavy Red which was a gift to me last year, but I think that it is not possible to find it now.

Over this hoodie I’m wearing a black synthetic fur vest which I’ve bought this winter in Bershka.

Shoes are model Trump 101 of Demonia, I’ve told about them in this post. You can buy them in eBay or in gothic shops, for example Attitude Clothing or Beserk.

Choker is of Aliexpress and cross and chain necklace was done by myself, and soon I will put one similar to it in my Etsy shop which currently I’ve put on hold for sometime.

Hair clips with moth form are from Curiology.

I’ve bought the handbag in “Blanco”, a franchise shop which was cleared out because it has been closed.

Wristbands were in a Pandora’s Bag of Heavy Red and I’ve told about them in this post and rings are gifts.

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