Valentin Perrin

After my holidays (I needed them), I come back to talk you about this wonderful boy.

Valentin Perrin is a french fashion designer, photographer and an illustrator.




This boy is so androgynous and due to his aesthetics I think that he is the male version of Emilie Autumn.




I think that he is a beautiful man and I love his creations.




You can see more information about him in his deviantart, facebook, official page, blog and in his Youtube channels: Valentin Perrin and Valentin Perrin-Silent Film.

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Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

She is my favourite artist because I think that she is incredible because it is able to do a lot of things in a perfect way: she is violinist, singer-songwriter, writes novels and poems and plays harpsichord.

Her music goes from victorian industrial to classical music, crossing other styles like dark cabaret and medieval and fantasy songs.

Photo from EA for Opheliac album

Photo from EA for Opheliac album

She has four studio albums (“Enchant”, “Opheliac”, “Laced/Unlaced” and “Fight like a girl”), a recopilatory album (“A bit o’ this & that”) and some EP’s and singles.
Also she has done some contributions to other artists and some soundtracks.

An anecdote which was so curious for me was that she had a conflict when she was a child about eat or not eat meat because she couldn’t understand why it was possible to eat animals from a farm but not pets and that is the reason why she is vegan.

Emilie Autumn, Enchant Album

Emilie Autumn, Enchant Album

One of the most important moments in her life, the most impact for me and know for her fans, was that she was raped when she was young and she is marked by it but she does not talk about it usually (but there are songs that talk about it like “I Want My Innocence Back”). She is a great defender of the women rights and it is possible to find references to this point in songs like “Fight like a girl”. Also she has denounced the pederasty in the song “Gothic Lolita”.

I identify with her in some points because she has some psychiatric problems (she is bipolar, has insomnia and sound hallucinations) and she has tried to commit suicide, but she has gotten over and that is one of the reasons why I admire her. She talk about it a lot in her songs “Manic Depression”, “Swallow”, and “Misery Loves Company” from “Opheliac” album.
In her last album, “FLAG”, there is also one song about it, “Take the pill”, which is one of her best songs for me.

Emilie Autumn, FLAG Album

Emilie Autumn, FLAG Album

It is possible to find a autobiographical novel whose name is “The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls” which wrote during her hospitalization in a psyquiatric hospital.

In her concerts he is with some girls which sing, dance and interact with her songs doing gestures, taking tea or even kissing her. They are called “Bloody Crumpets”: Lady Joo Hee, Lady Aprella, Captain Vecona, Little Lucina, The Naughty Veronica, Ulorin Vex, Captain Maggot, The Blessed Contessa, Little Miss Sugarless. They members of this group have changed a lot during these years and currently there are only two.

Bloody Crumpets: Veronica and Maggot

Bloody Crumpets: Veronica and Maggot

I love her style which could be possible to define as a mixture between “punkatorian” (non real word which she has created to say punk+victorian) and “burlesque”.

During a period of time she has designed her own clothes and she had a page where it was possible to find fashion and accesories which have been created by herself. Nowadays it is only possible to find merchandising in her shop inside her site.


“The Plague.

Get it. Feed It. Spread it.


Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

Update 2nd February 2014: The Bloody Crumpets have changed their name and now they will be named The Soggy Biscuits.
The Soggy Biscuits


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