Series which I see: Penny Dreadful


It is a series which has been appeared on TV the last 11 May of this year.


The history is located on Londres in the Victorian period and it begins with the history of Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton), because whose daughter has been dissapeared and it seems that se has been kidnapped by some creatures which are not from this world.

To rescue her, he searches for help in other people as the enigmatic Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) and the assassin Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett).


I have watched only the first and the second episodes and I should say that, if the rest of the serie is at least the half of good as these two episodes, I will follow it because I like it so much.


This series is directed by the spanish Juan Antonio Bayona, produced by Pippa Harris and Sam Mendes and it has in its cast actors as Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett and Eva Green.


In it we can find personages as familiar as Dracula, Dorian Gray or Frankenstein.


This new series of Showtime will have 8 episodes for season and it will have a lot of scenes with sex, violence and a lot of blood, in another words, it is a product only for adults.


The photography is spectacular and I love the setting. Also I like so much the work of the actors and actresses, specially of Eva Green, who is magnificent.


Until this moment, it is only available in English and there is not any date to debut in Spain.


As curiosity, the name of this series is came from some horror stories which were sold in fascicles for one penny in England during the XIX century, and people knew it as ‘Penny Dreadful’.


And finally here you have the trailer:

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