Interesting websites: Etsy shops – 2015 October

Today I show you some shops which I have discovered in Etsy. They are some shops with different items, so I think that is probably that you will find something that you like.

I will begin talking about HORSEKING, which is a shop that sells something very curious: boots which finish with a hoof. :O
They don´t have a lot of items to sell, but they are very original and I think that it should be good to take a look. I will put some pictures for you will have an idea about which they sell.



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Etsy shops: Zen And Coffee


It is my favourite shop of gloves, mittens and cuffs.



It has a lot of models, with different fabric of several colors, but all of them are beautiful. They are since less than 20€ until near to 200€, and it shows you that there are a lot of possibilities to choose between them.



I’ve bought twice, a pair of fingerless gloves, made with pink and lilac lace, very delicate and the another one is dark grey, with light details, also made with lace.



The only problem is that if you buy from Spain (or at least any other country of Europe) it is possible that you will pay the customs duty.



That is the reason why I bought a pair one by one, to avoid to exceed the limit because if it happens, I should pay the custom duty even after pay the shipping cost.



The link of their shop is the following:



I hope that you will like it and enjoy their items.


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Etsy shop

I’m sorry that I didn’t write during this last month, but I don’t have a good health lately and I didn’t enough force to use the computer.

Today I have returned with news: I have an Etsy shop!

Maybe you can think that my creations are not big things, but they have helped me a lot to improve my health and I have created them with a lot of affection.

To begin I have created some chokers of organza and suede with cameos, crystal beads, satin bows and suede pompoms. All these metal pieces are of bronze colour.

Suede and organza chokers with brass cameo

Suede and organza chokers with brass cameo

Later I have made some pendants, also with bronze brass cameo, with bronze chains. I have put resin flowers, crystal beads and satin bows.

Colgants with Bronze brass cameo

Colgants with Bronze brass cameo

Also I have created some chokers with clocks and tapes. One of them is black, in the same way that the face watch which it has. The other one is white also it has a watch but even some small chains to embellish it more.
Both watches are authentics, work correctly and are silver colour.

Chokers with authenthic watches

Chokers with authenthic watches

I have put a choker which I have created some time ago and which I have used in a photo session. It is organza ribbon with a wire with some round beads with heart form and I have sewed a felt heart. Everything is in red color and it is possible to adjust it to the neck with a small silver chain.

Organza choker with a red felt heart

Organza choker with a red felt heart

Finally about collars, I also put a choker which I have created some time ago to use it in an event. It is a black lace tape which I have put some red lace above it and I have sewed a colgant at the middle. That colgant is a silver metal piece with a stone like a black heart.

Lace and satin choker with a black heart

Lace and satin choker with a black heart

And the last thing is a corset which I have customized. It was a corset with white brocade and plastic bones.
I have tinted it to give it an older appearance, I have changed the cord for another brown cord and I have added authentic watch pieces and a bronze heart-clock to give it a steampunk style.

Customized steampunk corsert

Customized steampunk corsert

I hope that you like the things which I have created / improved and that you will visit my Etsy shop.
You can go through the Shop link which you can see in this page.

Soon I will try to create new things and add them to the shop.

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