Looks: Everything in black – 2017 June

For this look I’ve decided to don’t use a jacket, nor coat nor jersey because it is a sunny day and I think that it is not needed.

Shirt is sold in long sleeve section, but even I’ve used cold water, sleeves have been shrink and now have the length that you can see. I’ve bought it in Spiral some years ago and, even you can find it with some different prints, I prefered it without any one to combine it with more clothes.


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Last shoppings: clothes and shoes (2013 Autumn)

Hello creatures of night!

Due to health reasons and to move to another house, I have been away from my page, but I think that it is the moment to publish some things which have been accumulate during these last months. To begin, I will publish some entries directly and later I will try to publish each week, at least one.

First, I will talk you about the shoppings which I did in this last Autumn (September, October and November).

I have bought some clothes and some make ups, some of them were bought by Internet and the rest were found in real shops in my country.

In this post I will only comment about the clothes which I have bought recently and I will talk about the rest of the things in another future post.

To begin I should say that I have bought a pair of shoes of Demonia brand (Trump 101 model) which I wanted during a lot of years. I think that they are so easy to combine, and it is possible to use them daily or to go out partying. They don’t have a big heel and they are comfortable (but I have problems when I have used them with tights because my feet slip inside them and I had to put insoles).

I have bought them in www.talamasca.info, where you can find them currently for near to 60€ (about 80$). I have ordered them in the middle of the Summer, because I wanted to use them for the first time with a black dress which I have bought but, even the page said that they are in stock, they didn’t have it and they had to ask for them. I had to wait for them about two months, but I think that it was worth the hassle because the photos are not enough good to say the beautiful that they are.

Demonia Shoes Trump 101

Demonia Shoes Trump 101

Also I have bought two pairs of leggins and a sleeve shirt by Internet.

One of the leggings is gray with holes, “zombie” style, and the another one is a tartan leggings. The one which I have used more is the first because, even they are of the same size, the tartan leggings is a bit small for me.

The sleeve shirt has also holes and a “zombie” style, but in white colour. It is longer, that’s the reason why I use it with a belt over it. Usually I wear it with a pink tartan trousers which I have bought in a street market.

These three clothings were bought in Refuse To Be Usual (runnickyrun), which have a shop in Ebay and Etsy (I prefer the second one).

Here you have the link of the shop in Etsy:

Refuse To Be Usual (runnickyrun)  Clothing

Refuse To Be Usual (runnickyrun) Clothing

During these months I have bought two checked leggings in “Stradivarius”. They were cheap and they are useful to go “normal” but without my style, because I use them with high military boots normally.

These are the links of the leggins in the Stradivarius page, if you like them, go fast because they are on sale:

Stradivarius black and white checked leggins

Stradivarius grey checked leggings

Stradivarius checked leggings

Stradivarius checked leggings

I purchased some tights and socks in “Calzedonia”. They had a lot of models with arabesques and damask stamped, everything nice.

Remember that now we are on sale.

Tights and socks of Calzedonia

Tights and socks of Calzedonia

Finally, I have purchased a jersey in “Tezenis”. It is baggy, with “damaged” zones (holes and ladders), black colour with a white cross in the middle. I like to use it with checked leggings or tartan style and a bomber jacket.

Tezenis black colour jersey with a white cross

Tezenis black colour jersey with a white cross

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