Cosmetic and Make Up

Look ideas: Look for 60€ – 2017 June

Summer is almost here and it is heat place where I live, then I’ve decided to show you a full look quite cool whose price is more than reasonable… less than 60€!

To start, I love this top for only 7,28€. It is possible to choose between black, grey and burgundy, but for this look I would choose it in black, with de moon phases and text in white.


Review: Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey lenses

Today I will talk about a colored lenses which I love, Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey, which I’ve bought in Uniqso.

Since a lot of time ago I have used contact lenses because I have myopia in both eyes.

Although I’m not upset with my eyes’ color, which are dark brown with some light grey spots, I always like colored contact lenses. What fascinating is to transform yourself in other person only changing your eyes’ color!

During these last couple of years I have “collected” some webs which sell contact lenses and some time ago I decided to buy some colored lenses. (more…)

Last shoppings: Make-Up

Before to do the move I did some orders, but I didn’t have enought time to write about them, but now I can write it.

Long time ago I was searching for a lipsticks of a natural tone to use it daily, but I want that they were permanent and not expensive.
Some months ago I did a little order in a web page and I asked for a lipstick of this features, but in red colour. After test it, I ordered the wished lipsticks together some dark tones.



My last outfit and make-up

Here I show you some photos from my last outfit which I have used  yesterday.


The jacket of military style was bought the last Spring and I haven’t used it too much, but lately I’m often using it


The skirt was bought in Stradivarius the last year. It is a pleated faux leather skirt.


I bought the shirt some years ago in my favourite shop, Heavy Red. It has a high neck and it has buckles and tapes which are hanging through them. Also, it is possible to tie and leave them to hang of the wrists.


The boots was bought in eBay and I use them almost daily, because they are so comfortables and easy to wear. They are from Nana brand and you can find them here.


In this ocassion I have make-up my eyes with a pack of 120 eyeshadows which you can find them in DinoDirect. I have used a metallic eyeshadow in red copper color and another one in black color. For lips I have used the lipstick number 202 of StarGazer.

And here you have the result.