Last shoppings: Make-Up

Before to do the move I did some orders, but I didn’t have enought time to write about them, but now I can write it.

Long time ago I was searching for a lipsticks of a natural tone to use it daily, but I want that they were permanent and not expensive.
Some months ago I did a little order in a web page and I asked for a lipstick of this features, but in red colour. After test it, I ordered the wished lipsticks together some dark tones.





The web page is Born Pretty Store and it is a make up and cosmetics shop which is very, very cheap.

The lipsticks which I’ve bought are very permanent and, when they dry they are not sticky, only when you drink. In this situation it is true that you have that feeling and the colour is wasted a bit.
They are not dry up so much and with this price, you can buy some tones to test all of them.

In particular, I asked the following tones:

14, 16, 18, 22 y 24, for 1,59$ each one.

26, 28, 30 y 33, for 1,99$ each one.

2, 3 y 10, for 1,59$ each one.

Additionally, I ordered my usual make up base, which is Fluid Make-up of Stage Line, tone “LB” (Light Beige).
I love this make up because it goes on for hours, it has a average coberture and, the thing which I really love is its tone, because my skin is very pale and this tone is perfect for my colour.


The bad thing is that it is very difficult to find it, at least in Spain.
I was searching a lot of time in Internet and finally I found a web page which good shipping costs and I did an order of two units, to have this product for a long time.


The shop is Tello Profesional and you can find this make up here.


Also, they sent me some little gifts, as a wood comb which I’m using, some samples of Argan Fluid, of Nivel brand and a brochure of the Ardell Professional products.


Finally, I’m finishing my concealer and I went to El Corte Inglés to buy it, because I always find it there, but it seems that the one which I use is not sent it in Spain anymore and it is very difficult to find it. This problem is annoyed because, in the same way that the make up base, I need a concealer very lighter due to my skin.

Since a lot of time ago I use the Magic Concealer from Helena Rubinstein, tone 01 Clair.


I searched a lot in Internet and finally I found a shop called Fapex, which also sent me a sample of Lolita Lempicka perfume together with my order.


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