Review: Contact Lenses I.Fairy Cara Blue

Some months ago I bought in my confidence color contact lenses shop, Uniqso and between other models, I’ve gotten I.Fairy Cara Blue prescription contact lenses, and today I will talk about them.

I.Fairy Cara Blue contact lenses opinion

I.Fairy Cara Blue contact lenses have some tones and, although blue is predominant, it is possible to see some gray and green “little spots”, which makes them more special.

I.Fairy Cara Blue contact lenses barely have fish eye effect and they are quite naturals in this aspect. Of course, with this eye color with different tones, they look a bit artificial, but it is possible to use them daily.

These contact lenses have been converted in one of my favourites because their beautiful tone and that’s the reason why I recommend them a lot.
Also his price is quite cheap, around 20€ and shipment cost.

Contact lenses specification of I.Fairy Cara Blue, according Uniqso web:

Diameter 16.2mm
Water content 55%
Base curve 8.6mm
Replacement period of 12 months

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