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Look ideas: Look for 60€ – 2017 June

Summer is almost here and it is heat place where I live, then I’ve decided to show you a full look quite cool whose price is more than reasonable… less than 60€!

To start, I love this top for only 7,28€. It is possible to choose between black, grey and burgundy, but for this look I would choose it in black, with de moon phases and text in white.


Interesting websites: Etsy shops – 2015 October

Today I show you some shops which I have discovered in Etsy. They are some shops with different items, so I think that is probably that you will find something that you like.

I will begin talking about HORSEKING, which is a shop that sells something very curious: boots which finish with a hoof. :O
They don´t have a lot of items to sell, but they are very original and I think that it should be good to take a look. I will put some pictures for you will have an idea about which they sell.



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