Looks: Everything in black – 2017 June

For this look I’ve decided to don’t use a jacket, nor coat nor jersey because it is a sunny day and I think that it is not needed.

Shirt is sold in long sleeve section, but even I’ve used cold water, sleeves have been shrink and now have the length that you can see. I’ve bought it in Spiral some years ago and, even you can find it with some different prints, I prefered it without any one to combine it with more clothes.

This skirt was bought in eBay. If you don’t like buy in eBay, the most similar which I’ve found is this one, which is a bit longer than mine.

Boots are “Gothika 200” model of Demonia, which you can buy in eBay or some clothing shops and gothic accesories shops, for example in Sinister Soles or Attitude Clothing.

The handbag is an Alchemy purse which is sold only in few shops because it is a bit old, but I’ve found it in red. Currently it is possible to find a similar one.

Bracelet is “Mircalla Bracelet”, also of Alchemy and the wristband is one of Heavy Red, which I’ve received in one Pandora’s Bag and that’s the reason why it is still not possible to find in its shop.

Choker which I wear is made by me and it will be available soon in my Etsy shop which currently I’ve put in “pause”.

The wind snake ring was from my father and it was a gift for me.

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