Looks: Tartan dress – 2017 June

As I promised, I’ve decided to write today in my blog and I will start showing one of my last looks.

In this moment, I’m wearing a dress with tartan print which I’ve bought in a street market. I’ve found some of them in the same way, but not with the same print, but similar enough. Here you can see some examples:

Aliexpress: here o here

Etsy: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

DaWanda: here

BlackMilk: here

Crazy in Love (de Punk Rave): here

Some shops which I’ve never bought yet:

v-main.ya.shopserve.jp, happymondaystore.com, monkeywrenchclothing.com

Because this dress has a print, jersey which I have under it is a basic one with a high necked which it is possible to buy in any franchise clothing shop.

Over it I’m wearing a jersey which I’ve bought the last season in H&M and I use it when I want to have a casual look. This one isn’t available anymore, and the most similars which I’ve found are this one from Venca, this other one from H&M and finally this one which is sold by Buylevard, a shop which I’ve never used before.

Boots are from Aliexpress, I love them but I wouldn’t recommend them because platform is detached after use them around 3 or 4 times. By now, it is possible to use them, but I know that I will have to go to a cobbler and, probably, it will cost more money than I’ve paid for because they were cheap.

I’ve bought the handbag in sales from Primark and I’ve paid for it… 4 euros! It is small but it is possible to put in it a wallet, keys, a small pack of tissues, translucent powders and a lipstick, in other words, enough for a normal day.

Mittens are a gift which I’ve put in a wish list and they were sold in Kling, but I think that they are not selling accessories anymore.

Choker is a gift from my friend Muriel Dal Bo, from collection “Victorian Luxure” from her shop “Sublime”, and I’ve told you about it in this other post.

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