Cosmetics and make-up: last manicure


Meanwhile there are people who paint their nails since they are very young, I began some years ago and I don’t paint them often, and that it is the reason why is a big goal for me when I do it.


Although I don’t paint them usually, when I do it I choose dark colors (black, burgundy, red, purple,…) or turquoises and blues, which combine with my current hair color.


Some months ago, I found nail polishes of matte colors and I was searching for a shop which sell them. I saw a lot of “top coat” which gives a matte appearance to nail polish which you are using, but I preferred to buy directly the color which I want to use with the matte version.

Finally I found them in a franchise called “Flormar” and, due to I was in the shop and it is a bit far from my home, I bought three matte nail polishes: one white, one dark red and one black, which was the one that I have used in this occasion.


This time I wanted something extreme and, due to I had my nails longer than usual, I cut them to be pointed, like “stiletto”. I cut and file them to give the shape which I wanted and then I paint with matte black color.


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