Last shoppings: Clothes and Complements

The last day 6th of this month began a new event in Heavy Red, as you can remember, I have told before that this is my favourite shop. This event is “5th Annual One of a Kind & Sample Sale“, which is the sell of unique articles, prototypes of clothes which usually the shop sells and, even, a very good prices.
Also this time they have added a lot of articles in their section “Last Chance Sale“, where they usually sell clothes with a very low price but with only a few quantity in stock.


That day I was alert and I did some purchases in Heavy Red, but I didn’t buy all the things which I wanted because, when this event is celebrated, a lot of people want the same items than you and the purchase doesn’t finish until you pay for it, in other words, people can ‘steal’ things from your shopping cart meanwhile you haven’t paid.

Luckily I could buy some which I want to have, but in their prototype versions.

Long time ago I saw a coat which is beautiful, but I didn’t buy because it was so expensive and I wanted another things before it.
When I had enough money to buy it, there wasn’t my size, and I thought that I will never have it but some months ago it was again in sell, but that time I didn’t enough money to buy it.
You cannot imagine how happy I was the last 6th, in the event which I’ve told before, I saw it in its prototype version for more or less the half of its usual price!

The coat which I’m talking about is “OPHELIA DARKLY CAPED COAT” and the one which I’ve bought is exactly the same, but then only difference is that it doesn’t have the arm warmers, but it doesn’t matter because it is something that I don’t like it so much in this coat.



Other of the articles which I bought was one of their famour hoodies, which I near to say that they are the most important items in this shop, because they are very elegant and it is easy to wear them in all occasion.

In this event I won one prototype of “VIOLET’S RETRIBUTION HOODIE” which I fallen in love when I saw it and I wanted to have it



Finally, I always like their dresses about Alice in Wonderland which they have a new one each year.

I have dresses for two different years, but the one of this year, “ALICE en Bataille“, I thought that it is very pretty. The problem is that to buy it usually you need to do it with the rest of the parts of a pack, which usually are a corset, mittens or gloves, stockings and another complement more, and with all these things, the final price is very high.
In the Sample Sale of this year, there were some units without the rest of the complements but with some differences between them. I could bought two of them, one which is like the original of a beautiful blue, and another one which is pale gray, which I think that it is very easy to use.

Blue dress

Blue dress 2

Gray dress

Gray dress 2

I would like to motivate you to see this web page because their offers are still activated for limited time. Then if you’re faster, you can buy some of their beautiful clothes with very good prices or, even, an unique piece.

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