I have not forgotten you

I greet you another time, nomad souls!

I’m sorry because I haven’t updated my blog lately, but since I moved from my old house there were a lot of new things in my life and I was very busy.

Recently I was made a cosplay which needed more time that I though. It is the first which I do and it is not perfect, but I feel quite proud because I have tried and finished it.


My idea was wear it for the  first time in the last Madrid Games Week which was in IFEMA from 1st to 4th October, because there was a competition of cosplays and, even I thought that I won’t win, maybe I could be participated. Problem was that the same day which I will use for first time, I showed some problems which involved that I couldn’t use that time, then I will fix them and I will try to use it in the next EXPOCOMIC of Madrid, which will be in December.

This cosplay is about a character from the manga/anime Sailor Moon. When I was a child I watched this serie on TV and I played that I was one of the characters.

Specifically it is the cosplay of Sailor Neptune, a character which is not well known as others but I always liked it because I thought that she is very elegant and feminine. Of course, the best of all is that she has turquoise hair and that is something that I always loved it. 😀


In another hand, I have been in well earned but a bit short holidays on the north of Spain. In the future I will try to tell you and my personal opinion about them.

Little cherry lollipop kisses for all! 😉

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