Last shoppings: Clothes and Complements

The last day 6th of this month began a new event in Heavy Red, as you can remember, I have told before that this is my favourite shop. This event is “5th Annual One of a Kind & Sample Sale“, which is the sell of unique articles, prototypes of clothes which usually the shop sells and, even, a very good prices.
Also this time they have added a lot of articles in their section “Last Chance Sale“, where they usually sell clothes with a very low price but with only a few quantity in stock.



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Last shoppings: Make-Up

Before to do the move I did some orders, but I didn’t have enought time to write about them, but now I can write it.

Long time ago I was searching for a lipsticks of a natural tone to use it daily, but I want that they were permanent and not expensive.
Some months ago I did a little order in a web page and I asked for a lipstick of this features, but in red colour. After test it, I ordered the wished lipsticks together some dark tones.



New member in the family

Finally I’m in my new home and now I can write often or, at least, I will try it, because I will begin some practices the next days.

Today I want to show you the new member of the family; for now its name is “M” because we don’t know if it is male or female and we need to wait some days to know it.

little raven

It is a raven (Corvus Corax) which has borned in captivity and we have adquired recently. It has less than a month and by now it only sleeps and eats, but some day he will be an intelligent specimen and very big bird. For now, even it is a baby, its weight is near to 800g and about 30 cm from beak to tail.


As soon as it will be growning I will talk you about its state and I’ll try to upload some pictures and videos for you can see itself, in the same way that I’ll do with the rest of the birds which lives with me.

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