Etsy shops: Zen And Coffee


It is my favourite shop of gloves, mittens and cuffs.



It has a lot of models, with different fabric of several colors, but all of them are beautiful. They are since less than 20€ until near to 200€, and it shows you that there are a lot of possibilities to choose between them.



I’ve bought twice, a pair of fingerless gloves, made with pink and lilac lace, very delicate and the another one is dark grey, with light details, also made with lace.



The only problem is that if you buy from Spain (or at least any other country of Europe) it is possible that you will pay the customs duty.



That is the reason why I bought a pair one by one, to avoid to exceed the limit because if it happens, I should pay the custom duty even after pay the shipping cost.



The link of their shop is the following:



I hope that you will like it and enjoy their items.


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Cosmetics and make-up: last manicure


Meanwhile there are people who paint their nails since they are very young, I began some years ago and I don’t paint them often, and that it is the reason why is a big goal for me when I do it.


Although I don’t paint them usually, when I do it I choose dark colors (black, burgundy, red, purple,…) or turquoises and blues, which combine with my current hair color.


Some months ago, I found nail polishes of matte colors and I was searching for a shop which sell them. I saw a lot of “top coat” which gives a matte appearance to nail polish which you are using, but I preferred to buy directly the color which I want to use with the matte version.

Finally I found them in a franchise called “Flormar” and, due to I was in the shop and it is a bit far from my home, I bought three matte nail polishes: one white, one dark red and one black, which was the one that I have used in this occasion.


This time I wanted something extreme and, due to I had my nails longer than usual, I cut them to be pointed, like “stiletto”. I cut and file them to give the shape which I wanted and then I paint with matte black color.


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