Aliexpress shoppings March 2016: Suspenders skirt

Lately I’ve been busy with the organization of some professional projects and I didn’t have enough time to write.
But I have a lot of things to show you, because this last Christmas I received a lot of gifts, in the same way as in my birthday and my saint, and that is the reason why I will try to do all on my hand to talk about all of them.

Recently I was paid attention in some things that are in Aliexpress. Sometimes I was bought there, batteries and things like that, but never clothes. Few time ago I bought some items and I’m still waiting to receive them but one of them has arrived and today I will talk you about it.

I asked for a skirt this last 11th March and it has arrived this week, but I cannot say if it arrived 22th Tuesday or 23th Wednesday, because I was in a trip and I found this package when I returned to my home.
The skirt is beautiful and it looks great, exactly in the same way as the pictures which you can see in the sell page. The fabric is elastic and, even it is an one size, I think that it fits until an ‘M’, maybe only with problems to close it with the zipper. I think that it is very comfortable and easy to wear. The only things that I don’t like are that sometimes one of the suspenders falls out of my shoulders and the other problem should be the zipper, because it looks too and the handle is quite vulgarian, I din’t look it when I bought, but when I can I will change it for another thing. 😛

The link of the advertisement is this one, here you have some pictures about how it looks.

Suspenders skirt

Suspenders skirt

By the way, if you are asking about the hoodie which I’m wearing, it is from Heavy Red, and I have told about it and another clothes in this post.

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